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Happy 17th Anniversary Akamai!

On this date in 1998 - 17 years ago - Danny Lewin and I incorporated Akamai.  That day marked the official start of Akamai as a business, and our team of about a dozen people (mostly MIT undergrads) moved out of my office at MIT and into a small rented space in Cambridge.  None of us had any prior experience in business.  We believed in our technology, we believed in our people, we believed in our business plan, and we were determined to make a difference.  Success was far from guaranteed--at that time, only one out of every sixty technology startups that opened for business would last for a year.
Since our founding, Akamai has been at the vanguard of the Internet revolution.  From day one, we have worked hard to gain an understanding of how our customers want to use the Internet to make their businesses be more agile, more customer-centric, and more profitable.  And we use that understanding to guide our innovation and to invent new solutions to help make our customers' visions a reality.
As a result of the innovation and hard work by our employees, Akamai is making the Internet fast, reliable, and secure.  We're proud to operate the world's largest and most advanced distributed platform for accelerating and securing web content and applications of all kinds, from media and software downloads to dynamic and personalized content for the world's most important applications.  We're excited about the progress we're making towards having our software be in every network point of presence, every connected device, every home, and in every office and we're looking forward to having even more of the world's major carriers standardize their solutions on Akamai technology. 
Today, Akamai employs over 5,700 talented Internet experts in 28 countries, and as we continue to grow, I am continually inspired by the incredible talent and drive displayed across our company.  It is wonderful to see that our spirit of innovation and our desire to solve the most difficult challenges are just as strong today as they were 17 years ago.  We remain as determined as ever in our passion and commitment to succeed and we're incredibly grateful to have such terrific employees, customers and partners. Thank you all for contributing to our success! 

- Tom Leighton

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Congratulations for a great vision-come-true, which has paved a new road, and is still evolving and leading the field after 17 years!
The outcome of your vision is present in virtually every connected business and home, whether as customers or end-users.
It is such a pity that senseless violence has proliferated globally even faster and further than this vision, and robbed you and this world of Daniel Lewin.

From a small business partner.