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Before Q2's State of the Internet Security Report is Released, Let's Review Q1

This month we'll release the Q2 2015 State of the Internet Security Report. Tomorrow, we'll begin previewing sections of that report in this blog.

But before we begin, a look back at the previous quarter's report is in order. Such a review will better position readers to digest the new report and do some comparing and contrasting. Every report highlights a new trend, but we also see things that don't change much from one quarter to the next. The challenge is in finding activity that bucks normal trends.
SOTI Security Series: Magnified View of DDoS Attack Types and Industry Verticals
In Akamai's most recent SOTI (State of the Internet) Security Report (Download the Q1 2015 report here), two areas of research focused on the most frequent attack types by target industry, and DDoS attack distribution between Q1 2014 and the same period a year later. Since the report's release, we've delved deeper into the data and came up with two charts showing a more granular view based on Fig. 1-4 and 1-7 within that report. The first graph highlights each attack vector within the DDoS realm and lists the percentage breakdown of most popularly-used attacks against a certain industry.

SOTI Security Series: Exploratory Data Analysis of a DDoS Database
By Richard Willey, Senior Program Manager - Adversarial Resilience. Akamai maintains a database that records information about different attacks it has observed. The ongoing analysis of that database is captured each quarter in Akamai's State of the Internet Security Report. But even after a report is released, researchers continue to dig deeper into the data and provide updates. To that end, this article describes an exploratory data analysis exercise of attacks captured by PLX Routed and Proxy DDoS solution scrubbing centers between Q1 2013 and Q1 2015.

Q1 2015 SOTI Security Preview: 7 Attack Vectors
In this preview, we look at the most-used attack vectors for the quarter.

Q1 2015 SOTI Preview: Significance of a 100 GBPS Attack
A look at the significance of a 100 GBPSattack.

Q1 2015 SOTI Preview: Website Defacements and DNS Hijacking
A look at the continuing trend of website defacements and DNS Hijacking.

Q1 2015 SOTI Preview: IPv6 Security Challenges
The potential security risks of widespread IPv6 adoption.