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Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Akamai

Hi. I'm Kate Jenkins, Principal Architect in Akamai's Platform Mapping Engineering group. I'm blogging here (for the first time!) because I wanted to let you know how pleased and excited we are to be hosting a 7 week Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program here at Akamai this summer, starting July 6th in Cambridge, MA. Girls Who Code is a fantastic national non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology. Founded in 2012 in New York, they have expanded to 60 programs in 9 cities across the US this year.
Twenty high school girls will be here Monday through Friday, getting an intensive introduction to coding fundamentals, robotics, graphics, animation, mobile app development, entrepreneurship, data structures, and algorithms taught by Girls Who Code staff. They will also spend two weeks working in small groups on final projects, which they will present in front of an audience at their end-of-summer graduation event.

In addition, the girls will meet and interact with a lot of real-life role models. Several of us have been quite busy organizing mentors, workshops, guest speakers, panel discussions, and field trips. The enthusiasm among fellow Akamai employees has been tremendous. We have paired each girl with an Akamai mentor, a woman who will meet with her for an hour each week to offer encouragement, perspective and advice. Events include a "How the Internet Works" interactive workshop, an Open House with Tom Leighton, panel discussions with Akamai full time employees and summer interns, field trips to the MIT Media Lab and Microsoft, and talks on algorithms and entrepreneurship. The Girls Who Code folks have also been planning some of their own exciting speakers and field trips. We are very pleased with the line-up for this summer, and are hopeful that the girls will be, too!

We are very grateful to Akamai management and the Akamai Foundation for making this summer immersion program possible.

For more information about Girls Who Code at Akamai, see our recent press release.

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Interacting with real-life role models would be very helpful. Getting practice doing what you love is always a good idea. I have recently been investigating a few different things to go into. Making a list of possibilities has really helped me in many ways.