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Asia Pacific Connectivity in Q4 2014

The Asia Pacific region showed very positive year-over-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2014, as shown by the connectivity metrics published in Akamai's State of the Internet Report. With the exception of China, nearly every surveyed country showed positive growth rates across every metric. These metrics include average connection speed, average peak connection speed, broadband adoption, high broadband adoption, and 4K readiness. For additional insight into the various metrics covered within the report, refer to the State of the Internet Metrics: What Do They Mean? blog post.

Average connection speeds increased in all surveyed countries/regions and indicate a strongly positive long-term trend in the region. While South Korea and China showed modest annual growth, at 1.6% and 2.1% respectively, all other countries/regions saw double-digit percentage year-over-year growth. These ranged from Japan's 16% increase to Singapore's 47% stride.

Average peak connection speed annual trends were positive, but not as strong as those seen in the third quarter of 2014. Of the 14 surveyed countries, twelve saw increases. New Zealand's 59% annual growth led the pack, while Australia's modest 5% increase was the smallest in the region. Of the two countries that did have year-over-year declines, the Philippines' 33% loss was the largest.

High broadband connectivity changes were strong across the Asia Pacific region, with the exception of China's 37% year-over-year decline. Additionally, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia failed to qualify for inclusion in the high broadband metric. These countries had fewer than 25,000 unique IPv4 connections to Akamai with an average connection speed above 10 Mbps, thereby disqualifying them from inclusion in the metric. Of the countries that showed growth, South Korea and Japan had the smallest annual increases at 11% and 14%, respectively. Conversely, Thailand's 325% year-over-year leap led the region.

Broadband connectivity showed generally positive year-over-year changes in the Asia Pacific region. Of the fourteen countries surveyed, China was the only one to show a decline -- albeit with a minimal 2.3% decrease. Growth rates were modest for South Korea and Japan, both of which had the smallest growth rates, at 2% and 4.8% respectively. Vietnam's staggering 590% increase was the largest year-over-year gain.

4K readiness continued the trend of strong, positive growth. Much like the high broadband and broadband metrics, China was the only region to see a decline in 4K readiness, following a loss of 29%. Additionally, four countries (Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam) did not qualify for inclusion in the 4K readiness metric. Of the countries that did qualify, South Korea's 16% growth was the smallest, while Thailand's 312% growth was the largest.

For the entire picture -- complete with quarterly analysis -- download the full Fourth Quarter, 2014 State of the Internet Report.