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Americas Connectivity in Q4 2014

The Americas region showed extremely positive year-over-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2014, as shown by Akamai's Internet connectivity metrics. These metrics include average connection speed, average peak connection speed, broadband adoption, high broadband adoption, and 4K readiness. For additional insight into the various metrics covered within the report, refer to the State of the Internet Metrics: What Do They Mean? blog post.

Average connection speeds increased in all but two countries from the previous year. The two countries that saw year-over-year average connection speeds decline were Paraguay and Venezuela, which decreased 1.7% and 3.4% respectively. Most other surveyed countries in the Americas saw double-digit year-over-year average connection speed growth. The largest yearly gains came from Peru, Chile, and Argentina, which increased 50%, 49% and 48%, respectively. Panama had the smallest increase at 6.7%.

The average peak connection speed metric was led by Uruguay in the fourth quarter of 2014, which bested the United States and Canada -- despite their significantly higher average connection speeds. Across the year, three countries saw declines, although all were fairly modest. Bolivia had the largest annual decline at 5.4%. The other 12 countries in the region saw a range of increases -- Uruguay showed the largest year-over-year gain at 73% while Costa Rica showed the smallest increase at 0.6%.

High broadband adoption showed strong gains across the entire year. All of the Americas countries showed gains, led by Colombia's significant 528% increase. Colombia was joined by four other nations which posted annual gains of over 100%. The United States posted the most moderate growth, with an increase of 20%.

Broadband adoption saw positive annual growth in all countries. Of those, the United States saw the smallest increase at 1.7%. Beyond the United States and Canada, all other countries in the region showed double or triple digit percentage gains. The largest increase came from Peru, with a 553% leap.

4K readiness rates saw extremely positive year-over-year growth. While nearly half of the surveyed countries failed to qualify for inclusion in the 4K readiness metric, both qualified and unqualified countries showed tremendous progress. Those countries that had fewer than 25,000 unique IPv4 connections to Akamai at the 4K readiness speed were disqualified from inclusion in the metric. Among the eight countries that qualified, the United States and Canada showed 4K readiness rates well above the other countries in the Americas region. In terms of growth, Colombia led the pack with a 560% year-over-year increase. The United States showed the smallest increase with 39%.

For the entire picture -- complete with quarterly analysis -- download the full Fourth Quarter, 2014 State of the Internet Report.