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Akamai's Sunil Khandelwal Helping Earthquake Victims in Nepal

As we all know, on April 25, there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal that, along with powerful aftershocks, devastated the region. Nearly 9,000 people were killed, tens of thousands were injured and as many as 8 million people were affected--a third of the country's population.

After the quake struck, many Akamai colleagues sprung into action, donating funds to relief organizations, which Akamai matched, and joining volunteer or philanthropic efforts of all sorts. One Akamai employee showed extraordinary commitment to helping the victims of the quake. Sunil Khandelwal, a Professional Services solutions architect in Akamai's Tokyo office, dedicated four weeks of his time to volunteer as part of a disaster relief team on the ground in Nepal.

Sunil, who was born in Nepal and now lives in Japan, used his holidays to return to Nepal in the days after the devastating earthquake. Fortunately, his family and his friends were safe, but there were still many people suffering. While Sunil was still in Nepal, a Japanese disaster relief team arrived and began providing medical care for injured and sick people. Sunil volunteered to support the medical team as a translator.

With the support of his managers and the Human Resources team in APJ, Sunil remained with the medical team in Nepal for four weeks, helping hundreds of people. Sunil worked in very difficult conditions and slept in a tent without any showers. He not only translated between the doctors and patients, but also helped communicate with people throughout the community, the government and police, and officials at larger hospitals when patients needed further treatment. Sunil returned back to Japan in the last week of May and is now back at work in Tokyo.