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Akamai Connect At Cisco Live San Diego

As we get ready to converge on San Diego to soak up all things Cisco we should remember why a lot of us are there in the first place - to understand how to deliver high quality experiences for users of our IT services. If we don't offer IT services to our constituents that they value, they now have a choice to go elsewhere.
Let's look at this from an end-user perspective. These days our application experience expectations are largely driven by web scale companies. If I can find the closest Thai restaurant in a few seconds on my phone, why do I have time for a mental context switch every time I submit an expense report or wait for that compulsory ethics training video to rebuffer?

We are impatient, and becoming more so every day. Akamai recently asked close to 3,500 people across the globe what they expect when it comes application experiences. We did similar research back in 2009. Akamai found that around 30% of respondents now expect a web app to load in a second or less. One second or less!

Lorenz Blog Post 2.jpeg

It gets even better. 18% also expect INSTANT web apps...

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Now contrast these expectations with current enterprise networks and applications and you can quickly see why employee productivity suffers, and why frustrated customers migrate to organizations that provide fast, quality experiences that meet or even exceed their expectations.

Cisco and Akamai have teamed up to meet and exceed employees' and customers' application experience expectations. To find out how, and see Cisco IWAN with Akamai Connect in action, come see us at the Cisco or Akamai booths (World of Solutions - Partner Village #V24) or check out any of the following Cisco Live San Diego talks:

  • INTGEN-1002 - Future of the Network - Monday, Jun 8, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM- Ballroom 20BC
  • BRKRST-2514 - Application Optimization and Provisioning the Intelligent WAN (IWAN) - Thursday, Jun 11, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM- 5A Upper Level
  • TECCRS-2004 - Implementing the Intelligent WAN (IWAN) - Sunday, Jun 7, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM- 11B Upper Level
  • PSOCRS-2010 - Introduction to Intelligent WAN: Aligning WAN Infrastructure, Services, and Management to Deliver Business Outcomes - Tuesday, Jun 9, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM- 14B Mezz.