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Sponsoring the ThirstyBear Cycling Team

Around the Bay Area cycling is often referred to as the new golf. It allows riders to network with peers while getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors. Some are attracted to the sport because the vast array of technology today's bikes utilize - many of them eventually representing the cost of a small car or large motorcycle.
Thumbnail image for ThirstyBearBlogPic.jpgBut there's a very competitive aspect of the sport as well, and in late 2014 Akamai signed on as the main sponsor of one of Northern California's most successful teams: ThirstyBear Cycling.

The team is comprised of 42 of California's most dedicated and successful Master's cyclists including US National Champions Chris Phipps and Anne Valta. Akamai is very proud to have two employees on the team: our VP of the Akamai Open Platform Corey Scobie and Moritz Steiner.

The decision to sponsor the ThirstyBears powered by Akamai team was an easy one. The value of working together as a team is paramount to the culture of Akamai whether internally or between Akamai and our customers. In addition the name recognition will help our talent acquisition efforts and the speed with which the team is moving aligns very well with our Faster Forward theme and tagline.

You can follow ThirstyBears powered by Akamai at http://thirstybearcycling.com. Look out for the team on the winding roads around San Francisco and Marin. Just make sure it's on an uphill climb - otherwise you might miss them.

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John (and all at Akamai) -- thank you for supporting the team, as we race faster forward. We couldn't do it without you.