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Akamai Debuts Performance Matters Series with 9 Key Consumer Insights Report

We are more connected than ever before. Mobile devices are ubiquitous, WiFi availability is on the rise, and consumers are accessing information from multiple devices, networks, and locations across the globe. To learn more about the impact the hyperconnected world is having on consumers, Akamai commissioned the 2014 Consumer Web Performance Expectations Survey to build the Performance Matters series.
We just released the first report in the series, Performance Matters - 9 Key Consumer Insights. The report highlights trends in online retail, including device preference, engagement and spending habits by device, page load expectation, responses to dissatisfying experiences and more. Without giving away too much, let's take a sneak peek at the first report by diving into one of my favorite statistics - online shopping research activity. 

We found that consumers participate in e-commerce research activity more frequently on mobile devices and tablets than desktop in three key categories: searching for products, comparing prices, and reading reviews:

  • Search: 56% of mobile users and 57% of tablet users search for products once a week or more, compared to 37% of desktop users.
    • Additionally, 15% of mobile and tablet users search daily, compared to 5% of desktop users.
  • Compare: 52% of mobile users and 53% of tablet users compared prices once a week or more, while 34% used their desktops to do so.
  • Review: 46% of mobile users and 50% of tablet users read reviews online once a week or more, compared to 28% of desktop users.
Engagement by device.jpeg
The statistics are even more telling when you consider the impact online research has on in-store purchases. We found that 79% of mobile and 80% of tablet users participate in "webrooming" -- or researching a product online and then purchasing it in a brick-and-mortar store. With highly engaged mobile and tablet users researching both online and in-store purchases, the onus is on retailers to respond. But how? By prioritizing performance as a focal point of their online strategy. If online retailers fail to identify solutions to provide shoppers a fast, reliable and consistent web experience, they run the risk of falling behind the extremely competitive e-commerce competition. More importantly, by neglecting performance, retailers are leaving money on the table from both online and offline sales.

Stay tuned for videos, infographics, and more blog posts as we continue to unpack Akamai's findings in future reports. For more information on the Performance Matters series, watch the video below or visit www.akamai.com/perfmatters. To register for the upcoming Performance Matters webinar, click here.