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Videos: Akamai at #RSAC 2015

Tenable Network Security commissioned media pro David Spark to produce videos during RSA Conference and BSidesSF 2015. His lens caught a lot of Akamai. Here are some particularly good interviews.

Crafting the Right Answer to "How Secure Are We?"
"It's a trick question [to ask, 'How secure are we?'] People want to say we're secure enough or we're not secure enough and both of those are bad answers. A lot of it comes down to, 'What does it mean to be secure?'" said Andy Ellis (@CSOAndy), CSO for Akamai, in our conversation at the 2015 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Use Incidents as an Opportunity to Focus Development
"Take the opportunity in an incident to apply the skill for a specific problem with effort that's isolated," said Andy Ellis (@csoandy), CSO for Akamai as I broke into a conversation he was having at the 2015 RSA Conference. "[The problem is] people in a vacuum will overdesign software. They want it to solve all problems. In an incident you say, 'I need it to solve one problem,' let me code to do one problem. And it's not software engineering often, it's really just coding."

Having the Hard Conversation Business Wants to Hear, But May Not Like
Security people need to be listened to, and they're finally getting what they want. The topic of security has become so high profile that the business wants to listen. Problem is we, as security folk, don't necessarily know what to do, or what to tell people, admitted Martin McKeay (@mckeay), security advocate for Akamai, in our conversation at the 2015 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Four Cloud Mistakes You Need to Avoid
At the 2015 Security B-Sides conference in San Francisco, I caught up with Dave Lewis (@gattaca), global security advocate for Akamai, and Bill Brenner (@billbrenner70), senior technical writer for Akamai, for a conversation about big cloud mistakes. Here are their four suggestions on what to avoid.