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Q1 2015 SOTI Preview: Significance of a 100 GBPS Attack

The Q1 2015 State of the Internet - Security Report is due out next month, and we think the week of RSA Conference 2015 is a good time to start previewing sections.

Yesterday we reviewed the continuing trend of website defacements and DNS Hijacking. The day before that we reviewed the potential security risks of widespread IPv6 adoption. Today, we look at the significance of a 100 GBPS attack.

In Q1 2015, attacks targeting an Akamai property were traced to a group of DDoS attack services found in the DDoS-for-hire market. These booter/stresser sites appear to make use of shared attack scripts found in underground forums.

At first glance, these attack attempts don't appear to be particularly dangerous, with the largest peaking at more than 100 Gbps. But when compared with the volume from a year ago, we see a potentially dangerous trend emerging.

A year ago, peak attack traffic using these tactics typically measured 10-20 Gbps per second. The 100 Gbps attack we saw in Q1 2015 represents a significant jump, suggesting attackers have been developing ways to maximize impact. At the rate they are progressing, security researchers are concerned about what the attackers may be able to accomplish by this time next year.

Also troubling is the fact that employing the current attack techniques has not required much skill. As more advanced, potent tools enter the picture and available attack bandwidth increases, unskilled adversaries could become capable of much more damaging assaults.

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