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I'm going to Disney World!

For years I've been taking the commuter rail to the Akamai office, and Boston's South Station has served as the prime location for trying to capture my attention with big, print display advertisements. The well-placed ads last month down the stairwell for the new Caribbean resort definitely appealed to my inner desire to quickly escape the dreary, long winter - but the reality of having two young boys in school makes this, unfortunately, only a dream for me. Last year, a beer ad in the same stairwell tried to convince me that "less is more" with the introduction of a new, slim 8.5oz can designed for summer. I'm sorry, but the idea of buying smaller, slimmer cans during the hot summer for the sake of refreshment just didn't jive with me. More is more, right?
Anyways, the point I'm making is that the advertising industry continues to be in a state of transition. The promise is that by shifting advertising spends from traditional to digital, advertisers will be able to be more targeted in reaching their potential buyers with data-driven approaches to their spend while realizing greater ROI. And just like linear broadcast TV, much of the digital advertisements will come in the form of video to engage the user and capture the imagination, heart and mind. This year, almost $8B will be spent on digital video advertising, and is forecasted to nearly double in just the next three years. (eMarketer)*

Unfortunately, inserting targeted, video advertisements into real-time video streams isn't nearly as simple as it appears. That's why I am excited about the partnership Akamai announced this week with Adobe Primetime. The two companies are working together to help seamlessly insert video ads on any device type, scale instantly to reach broadcast size audiences and ensure a high-quality viewing experience by taking careful precautions when matching programming and advertisements within streams. Plus, this will offer a clear view of advertisement performance metrics such as plays, engagement and video quality to help provide deeper levels of audience insight.

Increasingly, Akamai is serving the role as the future distribution platform of TV - and helping broadcasters make this shift as more video gets delivered over the Internet and is watched on any device when and where the audience wants it. Our partnership with Adobe Primetime for server side ad insertion is another meaningful step in this direction and will help broadcasters better monetize their content - perhaps even armed with knowledge that I am currently planning a family trip to Disney World, not the Caribbean, and enjoy a proper-size pint of Newcastle Brown Ale during the summertime. Cheers! Neil Cohen is vice president, Product Marketing, at Akamai.