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And the winner is..... Akamai!

Wow! Last night the Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery Service was crowned Best Cloud or CDN Service Delivery solution at the TV Connect Awards 2015. I was thrilled to be there at the awards ceremony on behalf of Akamai and accept the award.
There were many impressive solutions and customer stories across the categories and it's always great to be recognised in this sector. The atmosphere at the event was fun with everyone keen to learn who the winners were. As ever opportunities to get people together from across the industry make for a chance to catch up, make some new contacts, and hear about what is exciting and trending in the world of connected television.

At Akamai, we have always felt really strongly about delivering the best possible performance through our streaming services for consumers and broadcasters alike - it is the only way that you can be successful. There are many exciting challenges ahead for the industry particularly on the delivery of 4K streams in to the home and how this is managed as its popularity increases, placing greater demands on infrastructure. Challenges that Akamai is already creating solutions for and working closely with partners to ensure they meet the needs of consumers and broadcasters.

Thanks again for the award TV Connect and for being such great hosts.