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Akamai Web Performance Videos - New And Improved!

It's exciting to see how Web Performance is increasingly going mainstream. More conferences have performance talks, more organizations have performance teams, more business goals include performance requirements... It's fun to see what used to be a small community of passionate speed fanatics grow and expand into the broader web tech world. 

With this broader adoption, it's critical that we also scale how we educate about web performance. We need to expand from one-on-one education, or even conference presentations, to great education content that can be consumed anywhere, anytime. Google's Web Fundamentals section about web performance, and Ilya Grigorik's Udacity Web Performance Course are great examples of doing just that. 

As part of the same goal of spreading Web Performance expertise and excitement, I'm excited to announce a brand new series of short, animated, Web Performance videos. These videos are the new iteration of the series of short animated videos Akamai released last year, and this time we brought reinforcement! 

The videos were created by some of the best and brightest in the Web Performance industry, the first batch including Tim KadlecLara HoganMark Nottingham & Lyza Gardner. Future videos include even more great names, including Patrick MeenanAndy DaviesZach LeathermanMat Marquis and more. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to these experts, who've spent the time and effort to squeeze a huge amount of expertise into these short videos, and keeping them entertaining in the process. 

The videos are posted on the Akamai YouTube channel and on a dedicated page on Akamai Developer Portal, and you should feel free to embed them anywhere you see fit. We're releasing 6 videos now, and will be releasing more of them as we complete their production - so stay tuned! 

So, what are you still doing here? Go check out the videos!

PS - if you think the narrator voice doesn't quite sound like the person whose name is in the title, you're absolutely right. Each script creator has written a script and worked with the animators to create a compelling and educational video, which we've then gotten professional voice actors to narrate. This approach will let us translate these videos to additional languages shortly after, further broadening the web performance reach. 

- - - - - 

Guy Podjarny is CTO, Web Experience at Akamai