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State of the Internet Security Podcast, Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Akamai's State of the Internet Security Podcast. This will be an ongoing podcast series where I talk to Akamai security researchers about the threats they are tracking and the defenses they identify.

Episode 1 takes us to a fairly new attack technique that exploits Microsoft's SQL Server Resolution Protocol.

Our research team recently discovered that the bad guys are using a reflection-based tactic to tamper with the Microsoft SQL Server Resolution Protocol and launch DDoS attacks.

Akamai first spotted attackers using the technique in October. But last month an independent researcher studied another such attack and we were able to replicate it by creating a script based on Scapy, an open-source packet manipulation tool.

Joining me to talk about this is Akamai PLXSert Principal Researcher Rod Soto.

Full episode here.