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Mega-Trends in Application Delivery: Globalization of the Enterprise and the Consumerization of IT

We've all been there. Traffic is bumper to bumper, and it looks like you're going to miss your meeting. But you've got access to cloud applications, so you search and find a coffeehouse two blocks ahead. You drop in, order the dark roast, punch in the password (javalover), and scour your email for the meeting link. You finally get your presentation open from a cloud storage app, fire up your smartphone and Bluetooth earpiece, and take a breath. You made the meeting after all (and the coffee is better than the stuff in the conference room to boot).
Not too long ago, this scenario wouldn't have had a happy ending. Imagine this instead: there's no Wi-Fi in the coffeehouse. Your files aren't on a cloud network. Your flip phone could only text. And your email client isn't browser-capable. Not a great start to the day.

Advancements in cloud applications have impacted our daily lives more than we realize. In a few short years, there's been a massive shift in enterprise application trends. The last decade has been all about the introduction of apps and devices--devices we now can't imagine living without. These days we're talking about self-driving cars, wearable tech, remote alerts from your home security system, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

All of these examples are part of larger trends, or "mega-trends," that involve cloud computing, user experience, and application delivery.

In this video, I discuss two of these mega-trends that involve enterprise businesses in the modern era.

The first mega-trend is the globalization of the enterprise. In today's world, businesses of all sizes must now collaborate with end users, suppliers, and employees situated across the globe, both inside and outside their organization. That means you could be calling in from a local coffee shop, collaborating with team members in several time zones away, and sharing documents that can be changed by any stakeholder and are automatically updated in the cloud.

The second mega-trend is the consumerization of IT. No longer does your company issue you a 'brick' phone that meets their specifications, nor do they need to manage a long-term service contract with a connectivity vendor. Now, stakeholders in every organization's communications network are using handheld tablets, smartphones, and remote wi-fi and cellular connectivity to work according to their company's bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. This trend also involves various third-party applications, like the cloud storage application you share, and the email client you choose.

These mega-trends in application delivery are accelerated by advancements in cloud computing technology and have become a sustaining loop of innovation. The need for fast web application performance leads to increasing information technology requirements, introducing the expansion of cloud network capabilities, and the cycle repeats itself.

Before long, your self-driving car will send meeting alerts, make coffeehouse recommendations, and place your order, while a device on your wrist will let you present and share documents while collaborating with your team, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.