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Don't Let Your Website "Recalculate" Visitors to an Unwanted Detour

Have you seen those auto insurance commercials with that guy in the suit that always looks a little beat up portraying the personification of "mayhem"?

One my favorites from that ad series is the one where "Mayhem" is your car's GPS system - he seems to be recalculating at every other turn! Don't you hate that moment when you're traveling along on a road trip, following the pleasant voice prompts from your car or your smartphone's GPS and then all of a sudden you realize the road you are supposed to take is closed? You're now being redirected to a new route? What's worse is when you get to a point where you have to make a decision "do i go left?" or "do I go right?" you look at the GPS and it's "Recalculating!"

You know, this experience is similar to what some web users experience. Just as your GPS system recalculates the route to your final destination, URL redirects for web site content are also necessary to make sure your users follow the intended path to get to their desired content. Let's face it, just as the road infrastructure changes so does your web infrastructure, and you may need to direct your visitors via a new path or to an altogether new destination especially if you'd like to maintain link equity for SEO purposes.

What we don't want is for our customers to be stuck waiting for our web or app servers to recalculate all of those new paths, not to mention the latency associated with additional requests to your data center to resolve to the new URL. A great solution to avoid this headache is to execute your redirect rules on an Edge server as close as possible to the end user - this way they don't need to communicate all the way back to your data center to find out where they need to go.

Why is this important? Well, by moving your redirects to the edge, you eliminate unnecessary round-trip requests all the way back to your data center and also gain the advantage of the performance and scale of your CDN solution. Already have some redirects on your CDN, you might say? Great! But what about the rest of them? Shouldn't all of your URL redirects benefit from the performance and scale of your CDN? Think about how many hits you could offload freeing up capacity at your data center?

With the introduction of the Edge Redirector Cloudlet it's easier than ever before to manage and offload all of your URL redirects to your CDN. Using the Cloudlets policy manager and the included {OPEN} API you can quickly edit and activate redirect rules on the Edge in minutes. You can even extend control to edit redirect policies to other teams within your organization, like those marketing folks that make all of the requests ;) Or, you can bulk upload redirect rules using a .csv template if that better aligns with your web operations.

Don't let "Mayhem" ruin your customers' day. Check out www.akamai.com/Cloudlets for more information about the Edge Redirector Cloudlet. (You can even try it out FREE with no commitment in the Akamai Marketplace inside Luna Control Center.)
Now if only Akamai could route you around the interstate congestion on your next family road trip in addition to internet congestion ... for now, we'll stick to what we do best ;)

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