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Akamai and Saguna win Network Intelligence Award 2015 at MWC in Barcelona

Akamai's new Emerging Mobile Business Unit, along side our partners Saguna Networks, won the top honors for "Best Innovation based on Network Intelligence" at the Network Intelligence Awards, which took place at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 3, 2015. The Network Intelligence Awards honor telecom platform and solution suppliers providing performance and innovative products that leverage network intelligence for Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).
Akamai and Saguna presented a technology demonstration around a network-aware encrypted content optimization solution that creates metadata enrichment within the SSL stream. The solution is a specialized layer-7 enrichment mechanism that supports real-time metadata injection within encrypted SSL streams without compromising the payload security. It delivers real-time radio network status from the base station to the CDN. The CDN can then optimize the content for delivery taking into account the current network conditions.

Mobile content optimization is crucial for delivering a consistently high user experience, especially in light of the growth of encrypted mobile data consumption. According to Akamai, 42% of the traffic transported by Akamai is over SSL. Encrypting content removes any insight a mobile network operator may have into the content they are transporting. Mobile operators have visibility into the network conditions, but no visibility into the content payload or even the type of traffic, making it impossible to optimize the content. Traditional content filtering, parental controls, TCP optimization, video optimization techniques are significantly diminished with encrypted content.

This enrichment mechanism offers the ability to optimize the delivery of encrypted content in a manner that does not compromise payload security. The mechanism is transparent to network equipment ensuring network scalability and flexibility. It offers a layer-7 (application layer) 2-way metadata communication mechanism within encrypted streams. By operating in layer-7, the SSL enrichment can be easily integrated into any content server and within cloud-based environments. Furthermore, with content provider approval the CDN can provide valuable metadata regarding the SSL stream to enable value-added services such as parental controls..

By joining forces, the Akamai and Saguna were able to demonstrate an end-to-end solution for optimizing both encrypted and non-encrypted content within mobile networks according to the dynamic radio conditions. To learn more about Akamai's Emerging Mobile Network Solutions email mobilenet@akamai.com for more information.