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A Run on 4K at NAB

If the industry had stuck with "Ultra High Definition" as the generic label for 4K video resolution, chances are pretty good that we wouldn't be doing road races during major tradeshows. But with 4K becoming a generally accepted term, it was practically an obligation that somebody came up with a way to tie it into a run.
Thankfully our friends at Elemental and Ericsson had the wherewithal to hatch the idea of the 4K 4Charity Fun Run, a worthwhile event that brings together industry professionals from around the world to raise money for two very worthy non-profits, Heifer International and The Shade Tree. After a successful debut at IBC in Amsterdam last September, the second annual 4K 4Charity Fun Run will take place just before day two of the 2015 NAB Show opens in Las Vegas on Tuesday, April 14.

Sure, a 7:30 AM run in Las Vegas may initially sound like a tough sell for some, but let's face it, this may be the last opportunity for some of us to enjoy daylight and/or fresh air for a few days. For others, it might be the last healthy thing they do all week!

At Akamai, we see this as a terrific opportunity to support a couple of great causes while reinforcing our commitment to the development and delivery of 4K technology and content. That's why we've signed on as a premier sponsor of the 4K 4Charity Fun Run at NAB Show. We're proud to join a host of esteemed sponsors and look forward to kicking April 14 off on the right foot.

The organizers have secured a nice location in Sunset Park to host the run. If you've ever flown into Las Vegas during the daytime, you've probably seen it yourself. The park sits not too far from the airport runway and holds four softball fields that all meet to form an eye-catching circle when viewed from the sky. Suffice it to say the course is as flat as can be and the weather no doubt promises to be sunny and nice.

We hope you'll join us and many of your colleagues from around the world for what's certain to be a fun event as part of the 2015 NAB Show. Once you've registered at 4k4charity.com, be sure to stop by Akamai's booth (SL3325) on Monday to grab some race gear ahead of Tuesday's run. Sign up now before the distance of these runs doubles with the advent of 8K!