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How does your web site performance compare to the average?

I'm often asked by our customers how their web sites compare to the industry averages, in terms of speed and size. While the numbers vary depending on the business, devices used and audiences, we can leverage the information gathered by httparchive.org to report overall metrics for desktop home pages.
I listed below the major indicators for the top 1000 web sites as well as for all the web sites tracked by httparchive.org, as of Jan 2015. You can leverage this information in two ways:

  • Help focus your resources on improving your web site metrics that seem too far from the averages or medians
  • Provide data points for your engineering-marketing discussions about balancing feature set, analytics and advertising widgets with performance
Page complexity:

PL table1.png
Page main navigation metrics. All times in seconds:

PL table2.png It is interesting to note for instance that although the top 1000 sites tend to be more complex (see #DOM elements) and feature-rich than the overall web site population, their performance numbers (per time to first byte, start render and onLoad) are better. This is likely because they, often with Akamai's assistance, track and set targets for their main pages' performance numbers and tune their code and Akamai configuration accordingly.

If you believe your web site does not perform at its best or needs guidance to improve it, reach out to your Akamai team who will assist you.