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Five security articles worth your time...

US top developer of risky mobile applications (CSOonline)

A new report identifies the U.S. as the top developer of malicious and privacy-intruding applications, a finding that contrasts with conventional wisdom that often places the problem squarely in Asia.

2014 cyberattack to cost Sony $35M in IT repairs (Computerworld)
Sony has put an estimate to the damage caused by the massive cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment last year -- $35 million.

BMW's software security patch a sign of things to come (Dark Reading)
BMW's "over-the-air" update transmitted to its ConnectedDrive software running on 2.2 million of its vehicles worldwide this past week to fix security flaws offered a rare glimpse of how the generation of smarter and more network-connected vehicles could get patched when bugs are discovered.

Adobe Flash patch promised this week for new zero-day bug (SearchSecurity)
Trend Micro discovered a new zero-day bug in Adobe Flash that is being actively exploited in the wild. Adobe promises a patch for the vulnerability this week.

New-style ransomware locks out your customers - demands money to let them log back in (Naked Security)
A boutique Swiss security outfit recently wrote about a sneaky new sort of ransomware. It's an intriguing story. The crooks, it seems, decided to take it out on company X by means of extortion: encrypt customer data, and then offer the decryption key for a price.