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Can you handle your primetime TV ads' success online?

2015 "Big Game" ads can cost up to $4.5 million apiece. I believe most of the broadcasters, advertisers, partners and sponsors planned for their investment to help drive users to their respective web sites and generate significant social media buzz.
Akamai was once again the preferred choice to protect and deliver a high performing experience for many brands associated with the event - rights holders, advertisers, social media, etc. It's critical to make sure that your online presence can handle the other media campaigns in which you have invested. For example, a significant commercial investment on television can result in an immediate peak of traffic to your online properties and you need to be prepared for that.

Can you maximize your primetime commercial investment online?

This past weekend's Big Game is one of those predictable events that are somehow easier to prepare for based on visibility generated by the size of the investment. The real question is how much capacity you need to deploy for a four-hour event that is cost effective. If you invest $4.5 million on a TV ad and you expect immediate transfer to your site, you want to make sure that your site is fast, reliable and secure.

Boffa SB Blog Post IMG 1.png
This graph represents the number of hits delivered during last Sunday's event for all the broadcasters, advertisers, partners and sponsors customers of Akamai.

How to predict online success for your TV commercial during primetime event?

It's hard to predict the success of your TV commercial and how much attention you can transfer online. Below you will find two examples to illustrate that. First, this is an example of a brand advertising on company values without any mention of their online presence: web site, social media accounts, hashtags, etc. The result was a very limited increase of visits to their website during the big event.

Boffa SB Blog Post IMG 2.png
Now, here is an example of a brand advertising a product and finishing the commercial up by highlighting their web site and hashtag. The result was a 100 times increased in visits to their website during last Sunday's big event compared to any other Sunday.

Boffa SB Blog Post IMG 3.png
The key is to prepare for success: Akamai's Professional Services always wish the best for our customers and we want to make sure that our customers are maximizing their investments and that their online presence is always fast, reliable and secure. No matter it's a normal day or the day of a major event.

How Akamai can help?

Akamai's Professional Services team has been supporting many of the major online events for the past 15 years like the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, FIFA World Cup, Olympics and others.

Again, this year, Akamai's Professional Services has been actively helping broadcasters, advertisers, partners and sponsors to maximize their primetime TV commercial investments.

Our event readiness and support approach has successfully supported all major global online events over the years. This approach is divided into the following stages:

  • Event Preparation
    • Capability assessment and contingency planning
    • Implementation and tuning
    • Escalation procedures
  • Event Execution
    • Pro-active alert/monitoring
    • Live event support
  • Post Event Wrap-up
Contact Akamai Professional Services today to arrange a technical call to discuss how Akamai can help protect you for any future event including holiday readiness campaigns.

This is a post from Patrice Boffa, senior director of global service delivery.