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3 Books that Changed My Life: Reading Lists from Infosec Pros

My friend Jennifer Minella is doing a series where she asks folks from the security community about three books that changed their lives. She kicks it off with me.

Here's what she has to say about the series:

My goals for the year mean some drastic changes to the type of content you're used to seeing from me. One of these goals is to highlight the human aspect of professionals in information security -- to demonstrate the depth of personality, the breadth of interest and accomplishment, and to explore the forces which make us who we are.

In this first series, I asked my infosec colleagues to share 3 books that changed their lives. The results were astounding and the responses very heart-felt. This topic evoked passion and an openness that led me to change the format from a single article to a multi-post piece, highlighting each security professional's pick3 books changed my lifes in his/her own feature.

The idea is to share what makes us who we are, not for the purposes of emulation, but to open our eyes and minds to the bigger picture by thinking outside the infosec box in which we're so often enclosed. For this piece, I tried to select a cross-section of the industry and people I thought would be comfortable stepping outside of the normal boundaries of technology content.

The only guidance I offered was that they were to pick three books which changed their life, and explain why/how they were impacted. It was made clear the book content could be on any topic. I wasn't disappointed, and I hope you'll feel the same.