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The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Enterprise Application Delivery Solution

What type of device are you using to read this post right now?

No sixth sense is necessary to determine that the answer would range from "laptop," to "smartphone." Nor would it be required to guess that you already have several work-related emails in your inbox that are stamped with "Sent from my iPhone." It's also likely that this has caused controversy amongst the Android users in your life at least once.
As discussed previously,(though this should come as a surprise to very few in our modern workforce) cloud-based globalized commerce combined with the trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has revolutionized the manner in which we interact and conduct business on a daily basis. This also means application delivery solutions originally designed for Wide Area Networks (WANs) are no longer effective methods for delivering applications through the internet, or to mobile devices. Effective enterprise application delivery requires modern solutions that are equipped for the modern methods of application delivery.

But what are the benefits of these modern solutions? Web and SaaS applications that are delivered via solutions that are specifically designed for cloud-based delivery will experience higher security, performance, and availability. By making this possible for your customers, your company can also look forward to:

Simplifying Your IT Infrastructure
Cloud-based solutions are replacing hardware-based solutions that cannot handle the process of scaling globally in a cost-effective manner without compromising delivery quality. With a globally deployed, symmetrical architected, and cloud-based application delivery solution, you can expect to deliver a consistent service experience with every one of your applications without having to scramble for a second home for your servers.

Reducing Your IT Costs
Saving on hardware acquisition and maintenance costs alone will certainly save your business a small fortune, but with a cloud-based application solution, you can also look forward to a decrease in support expenditures as your user experiences improve with your application performance. Your business will also benefit from the additional cost efficiencies that the cloud has to offer for the delivery of your business applications.

Increasing Your Employees' Productivity
Regardless of the type of device you're currently using, you were likely inclined to keep reading based on how fast this post loaded, and even more inclined to perform work-related tasks on the go based on the usability of the applications you need to perform those tasks. Clearly, the ability to essentially access your office from any device at any time and from any location has optimized productivity, another benefit made possible by application delivery solutions that fit the faster pace of a cloud-based platform.

Improving Your End Users' Experience
More and more of your personal transactions are happening through mobile devices, and this includes more online B2B transactions. By utilizing an efficient cloud-based application delivery solution, you can expect to see interactions with customers become streamlined as they flock to your high performance Web sites and applications.

Although your business undoubtedly still has internal users within branch locations that rely on private network infrastructure, more mobile and cloud initiatives will become essential in order to support an increasingly globalized and consumerized workforce. As the cloud's involvement in delivering applications to your end users increases, so will your IT infrastructure's need for a cloud-specific solution that delivers the same availability, security, and performance provided for applications over a WAN with the most agile, efficient, and cost-effective processes, as well as benefits.

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