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Luna Authentication and Authorization

Yesterday, my colleague Michael Smith shared a write-up on Akamai's Luna Authentication and Authorization services, telling his Twitter followers: "This will save your life if you are an Akamai customer. Set it up now."

It is an important part of what we offer, and a refresher course is appropriate here as well. So here we go:

Luna Control Center is the integrated interface to Akamai services, products and platform that takes full advantage of Akamai expertise and best practices through UI.

Identity Services embeds industry best practices to protect and secure access to Luna, while granting the right level of access and management privileges to different user profiles. The complete identity and access management solution set is designed to integrate with customized internal security policies in a cloud environment.

The solution includes:

  • IP Restricted Login (IPRL): customers may define a range of whitelisted IP addresses. Only requests coming from these addresses are granted access.
  • Two Factor Authentication: customers may add, in addition to username and password, a second factor of authentication with a Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) solution to validate the user identity.
  • SAML support: customers may federate Luna Control Center users into the existing cloud based Single Sign On and multifactor authentication policies.
  • User Management and/or User Management APIs allow to manage access rights and privileges based on users' roles.

The following chart describes the whole workflow :