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Fostering the cybersecurity ecosystem: Why Akamai participated in the Microsoft Ventures Cybersecurity Accelerator

Yesterday in Tel Aviv, investors, VCs, and entrepreneurial supporters watched as six cybersecurity startups presented their businesses. These companies have just completed the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Akamai was proud to partner with Microsoft in this exciting program through business and technical/engineering mentoring as well as financial support. You can read my colleague's post detailing his experience as a technical mentor here.

Please take a moment to look at the graduates: Data Flow, Siemplify, Hermetic, Capy, ScadaFence, and MinerEye. The companies spanned areas of focus from mobile security, enterprise application protection and Captcha to those that allow security teams to more quickly respond to the most pressing security breaches. These teams were selected out of dozens of security start-ups that applied. We are excited to see the progress they have achieved over the past five months and will continue to support these teams as they continue their growth.

Akamai has always been and continues to be even more passionate about security. From the beginning, our global platform was architected to provide our customers with a safe way to use Internet to help build their businesses. We then began to take more active role in protecting web sites and web applications from malicious intent. With the launch of web security products, we had the power of a billion dollar business backing our play.

Participating in programs such as the Microsoft Ventures Cybersecurity Accelerator has been a fantastic way to leverage that experience to encourage early stage cyber security technologies. We have the opportunity to put the power of Akamai behind some promising security start-ups. Together with Microsoft, we reviewed dozens of companies to select those to participate in the accelerator program. Over the past five months we have worked closely with these teams to enable their innovations...their dreams...to become reality.

The threat landscape will continue to morph and change. To ensure that companies doing business online enjoy as much safety as possible, we need a robust ecosystem of cybersecurity companies bringing new technology to market. Programs such as the Microsoft Ventures Cybersecurity Accelerator are one way to help make this happen. And that's why Akamai was proud to participate and support the program. Look for more on security trends in a blog next week. To the companies that participated in the accelerator- we wish you all the best!