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Akamai joins Cloud Foundry to support open cloud ecosystem

As enterprises further embrace cloud environments for both business and mission critical applications, it is important to have easier ways to connect with other cloud based services. Akamai recognizes this need and this is why we are excited to announce our participation as a Silver sponsor of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Cloud Foundry is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides capabilities to distribute applications to one or more cloud environments. Cloud Foundry is exciting because anyone can download and run it in conjunction with their own private cloud environments or take advantage of it through service providers who have adopted it, such as IBM Blue Mix, HP Helion, and CenturyLink Cloud.
Akamai announced its {OPEN} platform initiative in October of 2013 and has launched several APIs that has created an ideal way for companies to leverage application acceleration from within Cloud Foundry. Working with Cloud Foundry is an important step in Akamai's journey to opening up its platform. One aspect of {OPEN}, is to provide APIs that makes it easier for customers to connect and program Akamai into their operations. As we continue to broaden our capabilities in this area, our vision is to continue to combine work from our {OPEN} initiative and introduce APIs that continue to make it easier to operationalize any application deployed via Cloud Foundry with Akamai.

In general, Akamai embraces cloud services and any technologies that support the movement of more content over the Internet. Cloud Foundry is invaluable at facilitating that movement of applications to public or private cloud environments, but the challenges application owners face when running from any cloud environment are similar to the ones faced when running from a traditional datacenter - scale, performance, availability, security. All need to still be dealt with, no matter what environment you are running from. Akamai plans to help address these challenges with its service offerings as well as provide additional load balancing capabilities that can facilitate the movement of user traffic from one cloud environment to another.

This is the start of a journey for Akamai, our customers and Cloud Foundry adoptions everywhere and it's exciting to be part of it. Read more about Cloud Foundry here:cloudfoundry.org/cloud-foundry-foundation-launch.html