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Voting Season for (ISC)2 Members

Many readers of this blog are CISSPs and members of (ISC)2 -- the organization that administers and maintains the certification. This is the time of year when they have a chance to vote for the Board of Directors and have a say in how (ISC)2 conducts itself.

Akamai Security Advocate Dave Lewis is finishing his second year as a member of the current board. He's not up for re-election until next year.

There are four open slots in this election cycle, as a couple members have come to the end of their terms. Two open spots are up for grabs and two sitting incumbents face re-election.

The voting period is Nov. 16-30.

Running for re-election are Wim Remes and Greg Thompson. Other candidates include:

Allison Miller
Doug Andre
Flemming Faber
Meng-Chow Kang
Steven Hernandez

Lewis writes about the full voting requirements and shares his experiences on the board thus far in this CSOonline blog post.

Now for some personal observations as someone who worked with many CISSPs, covered the activities of (ISC)2 as a journalist and even had the responsibility of signing CISSP training slips as a former member of the National Information Security Group (NAISG) Board of Directors:

Truth is, I used to think (ISC)2 was one of the most useless organizations on the planet.

They never seemed to listen to the people who had invested in their CISSP training. A couple years ago, people even started to brag about letting their certifications expire.

But something happened that gave me renewed faith in the organization.

A bunch of talented, well-known security professionals started running for seats on the (ISC)2 board, and now we have powerful voices for improvement, including Lewis, Remes and Jennifer Minella.

I'm pleased with the direction (ISC)2 has taken.

To keep the forward momentum going, it's important for members to stay active and keep voting.