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Using real time monitoring insights from the holiday season to optimize for 2015

You've spent countless hours readying your eCommerce site for the holiday season. It's time to sit back, sip some eggnog and watch the traffic roll in, right? Wrong. The holidays are the perfect time to analyze your shoppers' movements and learn how to optimize for better user experiences in 2015.
Potential shoppers will visit your site from an assortment of devices, screen sizes, browsers, and operating systems. What do each of those experiences look like and how is your site delivering against user demands? If you don't know how consumers are accessing your website, it's impossible to improve overall user experiences. And, given the increased online activity during the holidays, it's a great time to gain a wide range of insight.

Tools like real user monitoring (RUM) can provide retailers and marketers with important insights about page requests and deliveries. More importantly, they can tell you how your site is performing in each of those unique - and real - user scenarios. Synthetic testing simulation can only provide site owners with hypotheticals based on averages and percentages. With RUM insights, you understand how each of your customers visited your site and what their sessions looked like based on their browser, operating system, geographic location, and protocol (IPv4 or IPv6), as well as information about whether a page was optimized using Front End Optimization (FEO) technologies.

As devices and technologies continue to evolve, and users become increasingly mobile, it's important to ensure that your shoppers' experiences are not hindered by the latest release, update or upgrade. To keep up with the times, you must monitor site interactions, identify areas of improvement and optimize continuously to ensure fast, reliable and secure site visits.

What kinds of user experience insights and analytics are you leveraging this holiday season to improve website performance in the New Year?