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Trends in Security for the Commerce and Travel Industry

Late last year, Akamai CSIRT Director Michael Smith gave a presentation about security trends affecting eCommerce and the travel industry. Around the same time, I conducted a two-part podcast interview with him on those and other security challenges.

I finally got around to watching the video of his presentation, and think the big picture he presented is as true today as it was then. Have a look, and then a listen.


Bill Brenner and Michael Smith discuss Akamai CSIRT
Bill Brenner interviews CSIRT Director Michael Smith. They discuss the role of CSIRT in researching threats and vulnerabilities, as well as keeping customers and the wider public informed of defensive measures they can take.

Bill Brenner and Michael Smith discuss Akamai CSIRT - Part 2
Bill Brenner continues his discussion with CSIRT Director Michael Smith. In this installment, Mike describes the process by which CSIRT delivers daily threat intelligence to our customers, along with the defensive measures needed to block attacks.