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Preparing for the Holidays: What You Should Do

At this point in our Preparing for Holiday series, we've covered trends in mobile and security. And while knowledge is certainly important, what's more important is acting on that knowledge. Hopefully you've taken some time to examine how these trends apply to your eCommerce business and have put together an action plan as a result. If you're not entirely sure of the best approach to take, here are three tips that will ensure a secure and highly mobile holiday season in 2014 and beyond.

1. Optimize your network and applications. By doing this, you'll reduce requests, accelerate rendering and ensure scalability and availability under all traffic conditions. But remember: you can't optimize what you can't measure, so make sure you understand the experience you are delivering to your customers.

2. Get content closer to end-users. By bringing your content closer to the edge of the network, it will be delivered faster to the end-user.

3. Accelerate requests back to your data center or cloud provider. Taking advantage of content and object pre-fetching, designating the most likely next pages that users will visit, and caching non-personalized content will minimize round trips, enabling browsers to load and render an application faster.

Remember, the time to prepare is here - not once the holiday rush is already upon you, so make sure you do what you can now to avoid troubleshooting on Black Friday.

We'll update you on the latest retail traffic trends once the season is in full swing, but for now, we encourage you to check (and double-check) that are prepared for the rush, and will be able to turn browsers into buyers with secure, highly reliable and performing sites on any device.

Tell us: Do you feel ready for the holidays?