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Online Shopping Scams and How to Avoid Them

We recently shared five tips from Akamai Security Advocate Dave Lewis on how to avoid traps attackers set for online holiday shoppers. Today, we share articles from various publications to help you identify and avoid the most typical scams.

Tomorrow, I'll have a new post on things IT practitioners can do for their retail employers to harden systems against attack. The advice is important, because for every 100 failed online scams there are a few that succeed.

Some of the advice will seem repetitive. But if there's one thing we've learned, it's that good advice must be repeated often for more people to heed it.

12 Scams of the Holidays
McAfee identifies 12 scame to avoid
This fall, holiday shopping sales are expected to surge from last year to an estimated $616.9 billion. E-commerce sales are also predicted to rise between 8-11% this year to more than $105 billion, with 56% of smartphone owners planning to use their device while shopping. With four out of five U.S. households with Internet access conducting banking transactions online, being vigilant about safe online behavior this holiday season is more important than ever.

10 Tips for Protecting Against Holiday Online Shopping Scams
Dell SecureWorks' CTU Security Research Team has put together this list of "10 Tips for Protecting Against Holiday Online Shopping Scams"
These tips should be followed not just during the holiday season, but all year round. The CTU anticipates that most of this season's most successful schemes won't be from "smishing" and "vishing" scams, where hackers use text and phone messages to con their victims. Rather, hackers will compromise their victims via malicious links on social networking sites and in emails, hijacked Internet searches, fake ads, poisoned websites and phony holiday offers.

9 Ways to Shop Safely Online
AARP tips to stay clear of online holiday shopping hoaxes
Shopping online helps you avoid the crowds and hassles of stores during the holidays and can fetch some great bargains. But surfing for gifts in cyberspace can be risky, courtesy of copycat websites that shoppers sometimes visit inadvertently after typing the name of that sought-after item into a search engine.

4 Black Friday scams to avoid
Advice from USA Today
You may have heard about the typical tricks retailers use on Black Friday -- marking up prices just to mark them down, for example -- but you may not know about other possible rip-offs that threaten to spoil your savings. Here are some scams that have the potential to turn the best day of the season for shopping for deals deal into a financial nightmare.

Online Holiday Scams: 12 Popular Scams During Shopping Season
The Huffington Post's warning to readers about online scams
"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me" ... an online scammer who stole all my mo-ney. This sounds like the worst holiday shopping experience (and song) ever, but according to a new survey released by security company McAfee, online scams are more popular than ever during the Christmas season and consumers should be more aware of credit card fraud.