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5 Security Tips For Online Holiday Shopping

In the run-up to Cyber Monday, we're looking at different online shopping trends and how Akamai plays a critical role in keeping things running. As part of that, we'll be focusing on typical security threats to be aware of this time of year and beyond.

Let's begin with some wise advice from my colleague, Akamai Security Advocate Dave Lewis. He originally came up with these last year, but it bears repeating each year. From here, we'll delve deeper into the scams online shoppers must worry about. More advice for keeping secure will follow from there.

And now for Dave's tips...

1. Track your spending. The holiday season can be a blur of hopping from site to site and store to store. Be sure to check your credit card statements to be certain that that line up with your actual purchases.

2. Use reputable retailers. If you're unsure of a retailer don't take the risk. Look them up at the Better Business Bureau (http://www.bbb.org) or better yet, go elsewhere if you're have any hesitation. No need to put your finances at risk to save an extra $2 on that widget or grapple grommet.

3. Be judicious in your information disclosure. If you're buying something online take caution that you're not offering up more information than is absolutely necessary. Case in point, I was shopping at a national clothing store a couple years ago and the clerk was insisting that customers had to disclose their Social Security Number in order to complete the purchase as this was part of their current promotion. I declined and advised other shoppers in line that they shouldn't disclose their Social Security Number.

4. Password reuse is a huge problem. There really is no technical solution to this item as this rests with the user. When shopping online almost every site out there asks you to create an account with the option to store your credit card information. If you do this be sure to not use the same password as you do for any other account such as the one you use for banking. One of the issues that we have seen here at Akamai is a growing number of credentials being reused on multiple sites. Once a site gets compromised by an attacker they then end up replaying this login information on other online retailers. Ask yourself for a moment, why would you use the same username and password on a social media site as you do for banking? Let that sink in for a moment.

5. Check yourself before you click that link. Did you receive an email which appears to be from a retailer offering you a deal that is too good to pass up on? Well, quite possibly there is a good reason for that. When you receive a deal that offers you, as an example, a $200 gift card for filling out a survey I would hope that alarms bells sound the alert. Be sure to use your better judgement before you chase after an offer that is possibly little more than a lure.



I would also suggest that you not give out your birthday or your driver licence number. I have been asked for both.

Really true,we need to be very careful while doing online shopping especially at the time of cyber Monday, Christmas,black Friday etc...because huge traffic to the sites to while using your debit or credit card be careful and follow the above article.. thanks for sharing the article keep sharing...

very Informative..Everyone Must read this before clicking any online store..Keep it up..

Im guilty for password reuse!! However, now I am using a password manager. Makes everything easier!