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Five Good Security Articles

Articles I'm reading include such topics as the mounting cost of social engineering, the Mayhem Botnet's exploitation of Shellshock, and some tips for better security in the healthcare industry.

The Human OS: Overdue for a Social Engineering Patch
The operating system that really needs some serious security patches is the human one.
By Taylor Armerding, CSOonline

Android Worm 'Selfmite' Harks Back to '90s Macro Viruses
The "Selfmite" worm infects mobile devices using a technique that is similar to the Melissa virus from 1999 by texting a short message and a link to victims' contacts.
By Robert Lemos, eWeek

Mayhem Botnet Takes to Shellshock
The Mayhem botnet is here to wreak, well, mayhem--and it's using the Shellshock vulnerability to do it with fresh purpose.
By Tara Seals, InfoSecurity Magazine

Michael Daniel Defends Himself, Sort Of
Obama aide responds to critics on his lack of tech expertise.
By Eric Chabrow, BankInfoSecurity

12 Tips for Responding to Rising Healthcare IT Security Threats
Healthcare faces a growing breadth and depth of security threats (both intentional and accidental). These 12 steps will help IT leaders prepare for, respond to and perhaps even stay ahead of the latest dangers.
By Brian Eastwood, CIO Magazine