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Good Recognition for Akamai's Real-Time Web Monitor

Analyst Daniel Humphries has written a review of several threat monitoring tools for the "Software Advice" website, including a positive assessment of Akamai's Real-Time Web Monitor.

Ours was among five tools Humphries looked at in his report, "Spotlight: Threat Visualizations." The others were Kaspersky's Cyberthreat Real-Time Map, Digital Attack Map -- a joint project between Google and security vendor Arbor Networks -- the Deutsche Telekom Attack Meter, and Trend Micro's Global Spam Map. 

Humphries noted that threat visualization maps are becoming increasingly popular because of the "unique way in which they can illustrate cyber attacks," which are normally unseen to the human eye. "Both the educational and design value of these maps are crucial factors when it comes to successfully enlightening the public about the specific and global nature of security threats, so we wanted to find the best of the best, and highlight what it was that we liked most about each map," he said.

Akamai's Real-Time Web Monitor became a quick front-runner because it has the best of both worlds, he said: It shows a "very large and comprehensive range of threat data, while also having one of the simplest and cleanest interfaces of the maps we featured."

Read the full review here.

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