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It's that time of year, and again I have the pleasure of participating in two Edge conferences: The panel-based EdgeConf conference in San Francisco this Saturday (Sep 20th) and the Akamai customer conference, Akamai Edge, in Miami on Oct 8-10.

Both conferences are going to be a blast, and I'm looking forward to both.
EdgeConf - Panels FTW!

If you can make it to SF on the 20th, you can try to get one of the last EdgeConf tickets - but you should move quickly! You're guaranteed to get a series of thought provoking panels, some great networking opportunities, and a fun after party at the Akamai offices :).

If you can't be there in person, I'd encourage you to help influence the topics we'll discuss by submitting or voting on questions on Google Moderator.

Akamai Edge - Technologist Track

If you're an Akamai customer, or considering becoming one, you should check out Akamai Edge. There'll be lots of great presentations both from Akamai about our technologies and data and from Akamai customers sharing their business and technology stories.

In addition, I'm happy to share we're dramatically expanding the thought leader track this year. Last year, we had 4 great presentations in the "Developer Track" by Gene Kim, Jason Grigsby, Josh Clark and Geoff Moore. The talks were so well received that this year we doubled the length of the track!

Here's what we have lined up for the upcoming and awesome (newly named) 2014 Technologist Track:

  • The Perfect Image Optimization Toolbox - Kornel Lesinski (@pornelski) will teach us all about image compression, the value it brings and the tools that can get it done.
  • Responsive & Fast: Iterating Live on a Modern RWD Site - Colin Bendell (@colinbendell) will take an RWD site suffering from typical performance problem and optimize it, live, in an hour and half, demonstrating how you can be responsive & fast.
  • A Modern Approach to Application Monitoring - Cliff Crocker (@cliffcrocker) will help us determine how fast or slow we really are, and how to combine RUM and synthetic monitoring to do so.
  • Keeping It Real: Sustainable Infrastructure - Mike Rembetsy (@mrembetsy) & Katie Hunt-Morr (@HuntMorr) will show us how Etsy stays environmentally responsive alongside excelling at ops, and how they're pushing their vendors to do the same.
  • The Future of Web Performance: Are Today's Good Practices Tomorrow's Performance Anti Patterns? - Andy Davies (@andydavies) will explain how web innovations such as mobile and HTTP2 affect our coding best practices, and what we should do to be future friendly.
  • IPv6: What You Need To Know - Erik Nygren will show how IPv6 adoption has turned a corner, and point out what are the most important things we should know and do about it.
  • Making HTTP2 Operable and Performant - Jeff Zitomer will help set us up for the upcoming availability of HTTP2, and show us how to make the most of this first major evolution of HTTP in years.
As you can see, some amazing speakers and amazing topics, which I'm sure will keep building up this thought leadership track within Akamai Edge.

If you're an Akamai customer (or talking to someone about becoming one) and haven't registered for Edge yet, you can fix that right now! Register today!