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Coming Soon: New Security Whiteboard Videos

Last year, we released a bunch of videos containing security whiteboard lessons on a variety of topics. This Thursday we shoot four new episodes. 

Below is a preview of each episode.

  • To see previous security whiteboard videos, go here and here.

Incident Management 101
At every company, Akamai included, incidents happen daily. Despite strong controls, it's inevitable that problems will arise when -- in our case -- so much content is being handled, processed and distributed within Akamai and on behalf of customers. Bill Brenner will walk viewers through the incident management process Akamai uses to minimize problems and maintain security.

Vulnerability Assessment vs. Penetration Testing
Vulnerability assessment and pen testing both deal with finding and fixing security holes. But they are not the same thing. Patrick Laverty will walk viewers through the differences between the two.

FedRAMP 101
James Salerno will tell viewers about FedRAMP -- why it was created and why it's become an important part of Akamai's security and compliance process.

SSL Certificate Security and Trust
Meg-Grady Troia will teach viewers about the SSL certificate system and some of its strengths and weaknesses.

Next month, we'll shoot a fifth video, where CSO Andy Ellis walks through one of the data centers housing Akamai servers and explains the myriad security procedures in place to protect those deployments.