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Akamai SOC + PLX SOC + Akamai Cloud Security Solutions = Complete Peace of Mind

Over the last five months, the services and support management teams from Akamai have been working hard on integrating the Akamai and Prolexic Security Operation Center (SOC). Given the progress that we've made along the way, we think it would be timely for us to talk about how this effort from both companies could help our customers against the ever-changing attack sphere.
Renny addressed some of the complementary areas of product offerings between Akamai and Prolexic. In many ways, this is similar to the Prolexic and Akamai SOC as well. While both companies have significant services and support organizations, the Akamai teams focused heavily on configuring the automated capabilities of Akamai's security products to proactively mitigate attacks whereas the Prolexic SOC was well-renowned for its ability to quickly respond to DDoS attacks when engaged by a customer. Pulling these teams together, along with the concept of automatic protection supplemented with human mitigation, has allowed us to create a powerhouse of security expertise with a gamut of skills, ranging from emergency attack support, implementation and integration, and consulting on a suite of security products. Combining this with the largest service delivery teams that are focused on other Akamai's products such as site acceleration and media services makes it easy and fast for a customer to ensure that they are getting the most value from their Akamai relationship.

  • Organization: Centralizing the global SOC under a single leader has helped us focus on building SOC expertise while developing consistent processes and workflows, all of which will help provide a high-quality support experience to the customers.
  • Geographical Expansion: While we're building new SOCs in Europe and Asia to serve the local needs of customers in their local languages, we're simultaneously growing our 24x7 operations in Florida. Our new centers in Europe and Asia will promote a hybrid 'follow-the-sun' model, allowing us to effectively combine 'local' touch with 'centralized efficiency'.
  • Platform: Prolexic and Akamai historically followed different processes when it comes to managing security incidents. We're picking the best of both worlds by consolidating SOC workflows and applications for ticket and alert management. By doing this, we're ensuring standard communication protocols, incident management, audit trails, and the operationalizing of routine activities. Having a standard platform globally will help the SOC to prioritize the different activities (routine, proactive, and threat mitigation) while promoting situational awareness throughout the company.
  • Tools: In order to support the gamut of security products and to help the SOC personnel function as effectively as possible, we're doubling down on our investment in SOC tools. This includes newer and better abilities to isolate attacks, alerting capabilities, gather logs, etc.
  • Operational Metrics: Finally, we're in the midst of developing a core set of metrics by which we can manage and measure the performance and effectiveness of all the SOCs. This includes separate but related metrics for all of the SOCs activities - provisioning, project management, incident management, customer satisfaction and proactive support.
In summary, this is a very exciting time for us as the leadership team managing security services. While the security landscape is ever-changing and attacks are becoming more sophisticated and damaging, we're confident that the changes we've put in place will enable us to protect our customers more effectively by combining our industry-leading products with our world-class people and expertise. And, by the way, we're hiring security professionals worldwide - if you want to work in a world-class organization focuses on Internet Security, please check out our careers page.

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This is a post from Mani Sundaram, Patrice Boffa, and Roger Barranco, leaders of the Global Service Delivery team.