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Securing Cloud-based Media Workflows

You can call the trend whatever you'd like, but content preparation workflows are all moving in the same direction--toward the cloud. In the follow-up e-book on The Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator, we explore this push and how it's impacting our industry. The benefits for moving towards a cloud-based workflow can almost seem unlimited, but a couple of key ones always float to the top.
The first is the flexible scale of cloud-based resources. Gone are the days of having to spend capital on hardware resources well before they are needed, only to see these purchases sit idle. And gone are the days of missing deadlines because hardware resources couldn't keep up with the demand.

The second is automation. With completely software- and cloud-based operations, workflows can be automated like never before. It makes bringing new content online simple and drastically reduces the amount of time required for content library upkeep and maintenance.

The e-book includes a number of points of view from different industry angles, and Akamai is excited to be a part of it. Our chapter puts a spotlight on the challenges video operators face when attempting to secure content in cloud, particularly during what can be one of the most vulnerable portions of the workflow: content preparation. We lay out six specific items that need to be considered when looking to move a content preparation workflow into the cloud.

At Akamai we've been happy to be part of this movement. And we're even more excited to bring the promise of the cloud to new and different problems. As a company that's been managing a massively distributed network for nearly 15 years, we relish the ability to open these resources to more than just high-quality content delivery. I encourage you to download the e-book and share your comments below. We truly believe that we are just at the beginning of this cloud-based journey and we are looking forward to helping our customers realize the promise the future holds.

(Akamai was recently a contributing author to the latest Verimatrix executive e-book the "Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator, Part II: Progressive IP and Software-based Ecosystems Deliver the Future." This post also appears as a guest blog post at Pay TV Views.)