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Public Compliance Docs: The List So Far (Updated)

As previously noted, Akamai InfoSec has been working to make its most sought after compliance documents publicly available. The goal is to make it easier for customers to access the answers they regularly seek, and also to show potential new customers how we operate. 

We're building the foundation in the form of a compliance page on the Akamai Security microsite, and hope to publish up to two fresh public docs a month. What follows is a list of what we've done so far.

Incident Management at Akamai

Our effort to release public articles based on our compliance documentation continues with this look at how we do incident management.

Akamai's InfoSec Program

A detailed overview of Akamai's information security program.

Access Control
Akamai maintains a series of policies and procedures to manage the network that transmits customer data securely. We maintain and enforce a Deployed Network Access Policy outlining the controls, roles, and responsibilities that ensure employees only have the access privileges necessary to do their jobs.

Secure Software Development
What follows is a glimpse of the procedures Akamai uses to enhance security of software during the development process. It's a process all engineering teams follow to help minimize cases where instabilities may be introduced during the build process.

Secure Content Delivery Network, Part 2
A look at the security procedures Akamai uses to protect the physical parts of the network.

Proof of PCI Compliance, Part 1
Akamai's attestation of compliance.

Proof of PCI Compliance, Part 2
Letter to Akamai acknowledging compliance.

Patent: SSL Protection

The method and system for protecting Web sites from public Internet threats.

Secure Content Delivery Network, Part 1
How Akamai secures the content it provides on behalf of customers.

Security Standards and Regulations at a Glance
A glossary of the various regulations and industry standards, including brief descriptions of each.

A Primer on Akamai Compliance
Detailed descriptions of the regulations and standards Akamai complies with.

Akamai Services
This document outlines the definitions, billing methodologies, service descriptions and additional terms surrounding the use of our products and services.