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Not Your Older Brother's Black Hat

Walking around Black Hat USA 2014 today, I'm struck by how much things have changed. 

For many years, the event was held in the Caesars Palace conference center. The corridors were crammed with people between talks, and the extent of the exhibit area were tables lining one wall. Now it's at Mandalay Bay, which has a lot more space. But that's not the crazy part.

The crazy part is the exhibit hall. 

That there's an entire exhibit hall is alien to the Black Hats of old to begin with. To be fair, the conference has been using a full exhibit hall for a few years now. But the so-called Business Hall this year is massive. I walked in and the first thing that came to me was that I was at the RSA Conference. Half a dozen people made the same observation.

Not that it's a negative change. 

It simply is what it is -- a progression Black Hat has followed for the last decade.

This is now truly a business event rather than a hacking-research event.