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Akamai Security Podcast: Meet the InfoSec Interns

In the latest episode of the Akamai Security Podcast, I interview three interns -- Yuan Jiang, Chae Won Lee and Tom Boning. They spent the summer working with our InfoSec team. They talk about their projects and where they hope to go from here.

  • Listen to the full episode HERE.

About the interns:

  • Harvard College student Yuan Jiang worked as a data analyst on Akamai InfoSec's Adversarial Resilience Team.
  • MIT student Chae Won Lee worked as a Security Architect.
  • MIT student Tom Boning also worked for Adversarial Resilience, focusing on the study and remediation of DDoS attacks.
A fourth intern, Boston University undergrad Allan Wirth, had a schedule conflict and couldn't participate in the interview along with the others. He will be interviewed separately for a follow-up podcast.

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