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Security in the News, July 28

A look at security stories in the news that are relevant to Akamai customers and beyond.

Criminals ride Google coattails in DDoS attacks (CSOonline)
Cybercriminals are pretending to be Google web crawlers in launching distributed denial of service attacks against websites.

7 Black Hat Sessions Sure To Cause A Stir (Dark Reading)
At Black Hat, researchers will point out the weaknesses in everything from the satellites in outer space to the thermostat in your home.

Russian gov't is willing to pay for a way to ID Tor users (Computerworld)
The Russian Ministry of Interior announced a contract for research on obtaining information about Tor users and their systems.

WordPress Under Attack Again (eWeek)
The open-source WordPress blog and content management system (CMS) software is widely deployed and is increasingly being targeted by attackers too.

Solar storm almost fried Earth's electronics two years ago? (Cnet)
A fascinating NASA presentation suggests that in July 2012 Earth was one week away from being struck by a massive solar storm that would have had devastating effects. Can this be?