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Cisco Webinar: Intelligent WAN (IWAN) with Akamai Connect

Response to our recently announced product with Cisco has been tremendous thus far. I have met with many customers regarding Akamai Connect, and our team literally gave hundreds of demos at this year's Cisco Live event in San Francisco. It is great to see the high level of interest in Cisco's IWAN with Akamai Connect as companies look to evolve their networks to a hybrid WAN architecture.
On Tuesday, there will be an opportunity to learn more about Akamai Connect with experts from Cisco and Akamai. In addition, Zeus Kerravala from ZK Research will share his perspectives on the industry trends that are putting pressure on network resources. Find out how IT and business leaders are coming together to provide highly immersive digital experiences to customers and employees alike. And why the network is truly becoming a strategic asset as enterprises fully embrace the digital era. Liad Ofek from Cisco and Mike Wood from Akamai will detail how the Cisco IWAN with Akamai Connect can solve traffic and performance problems at branch office locations caused by device proliferation and adoption of media rich applications. It should be an informative event for those IT and business leaders who are looking to support innovation at the branch office.

Register here for the Webinar on Tuesday June 17, at 10am PST.