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Each week, we compile a list of headlines trending on social media and distribute it internally via a newsletter called "Web Security Buzz." We recently decided to start running a public version via this blog.

What follows are some of the stories we've been keeping an eye on for the past couple of weeks.

1. Bitly Compromised, Users Urged to Change Passwords
May 09th, 2014
Link shortening service Bitly informed its users Thursday that it believes user credentials - passwords, API keys and OAuth tokens - have been compromised. The company claims there's no real indication that any accounts were accessed without authorization. In a post on its blog the company claims it has taken "proactive" steps to ensure its users' security, which includes disconnecting users' Facebook and Twitter accounts from the service.

2. Point DNS blitzed by mystery DDoS attack assault
May 09th, 2014
Domain hosts Point DNS has been hammered with a high intensity DDoS attack on Friday, knocking servers out for hours.The size of the attack and techniques used - much less who might be behind the attack - remains unclear. The attack seems to be a DNS amplification that is affecting at least 220,000 domains.

3. Snapchat Settles With FTC Over Privacy and Security Concerns
May 08th, 2014
Snapachat, the maker of the popular video and photo chat app, has agreed to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission that the company misrepresented the supposedly ephemeral nature of the messages users send and failed to take adequate security precautions with the data it collects, leading to a data breach earlier this year that leaked information belonging to 4.6 million users.

4. France's Orange Hit by Its Second Cyberattack This Year
May 07th, 2014
French telecommunications giant Orange SA said hackers stole data from about 1.3 million people in an attack last month, the latest in a series of cyber-attacks on companies. Orange detected the data theft on April 18 but only revealed the attack two weeks later, after it took steps to repair the security issue and inform clients who were victims of the attack, a company spokeswoman said.

5. Ponemon: Data Breach Costs Rising
May 05th, 2014
The Ponemon Institute issued its 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study, which Chairman Larry Ponemon says helps explain why CEOs should be more involved in breach preparedness and response. The 9th annual research report, conducted for IBM, shows that the cost of breaches, in most countries, is on the rise, a matter that should be of concern to top management.