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6 Security Podcasts Worth Your Time

Though we have our own show called the Akamai Security Podcast and spend a lot of time promoting it in this blog, there are many other security podcasts worth your time. What follows are six favorites.

1.) Liquidmatrix Podcast

Akamai Security Advocate Dave Lewis hosts this podcast with James Arlen, Matt Johansen and Ben Sapiro.

2.) Network Security Podcast

London-based Akamai Security Advocate Martin McKeay hosts one of the longest-running and most popular podcasts in the industry.

3.) Southern Fried Security Podcast

Join Andy Willingham, Martin Fisher, and Steve Ragan as they discuss information security, news, and interview interesting folks. They focus on the operational and leadership aspects of information security using a distinctly southern viewpoint.

4.) Exotic Liability

Chris Nickerson and Ryan Jones tackle a wide range of security topics in this podcast. Here's how they describe it: Exotic Liability will push you into the new generation of Security. On your own or by force, Chris Nickerson and Ryan Jones will be bringing you the best content from the TOP/ middle and Sewers of the Security industry. No more firewall admins speculating about how attacks happen, these are the pros or even the bad guys. These are the people that make Security tick. If you are tired of the old solutions and rhetoric, join in.

5.) PaulDotCom's Security Weekly

Arguably one of the most popular podcasts on the Internet, Paul Asadoorian and crew live stream the show for video as well as audio. Regular guests include Tenable Security's Jack Daniel.

6.) Risky Business Podcast

Patrick Gray takes a "lighthearted" look at information security news and features.


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