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Akamai Security Advocate Dave Lewis (@gattaca on Twitter) continues his prolific blogging on CSOonline. He has also begun writing for Forbes. What follows are his posts so far for May 2014. We begin with his inaugural Forbes column.

Undocumented Vulnerability In Enterprise Security
Regarding the lack of proper documentation in many IT implementations.

Big Brother and spray paint soliloquies
I'm reading through the morning news hoping for anything redeeming when I find a piece about the Canadian government trolling social media for information on the citizenry. Now, while this is a questionable behavior it isn't illegal.

Vimeo meets Censorship in Indonesia
Indonesia has been censoring sites that it found to be contrary to their government's view of the world.

Ruby on Rails security update available
Ruby on Rails has released the newest version of their software.

Into malware? Time to play in the Cuckoo Sandbox
Have a taste for tearing apart malware? Then you have probable played with Cuckoo Sandbox. If not, it is really time to take a poke at it.

Target CEO steps down
The US retail giant Target has had their Chairman, President and CEO Gregg Steinhafel step down "effective immediately" as a component of the post breach clean up and in response to declining numbers. This is five months after the breach. We have seen the company fall on their sword and admit that there were mistakes. We have seen a new CIO join the company in Bob DeRodes. Change was inevitable.

Miami teen pulls a Ferris. Gets arrested.
There are some movies that are timeless in nature. They can make you laugh. They can make you cry. They can inspire the viewer. Sometimes that inspiration is, well, shall we say, suboptimal.