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Latest State of the Internet Report: Security Highlights

Akamai released its Fourth Quarter 2013 State of the Internet Report last week. Security highlights include the following:

  • DDoS traffic increased 23 percent quarter-over-quarter, up by 75 percent from fourth quarter 2012.
  • Enterprise and commerce continued to be the industries targeted most frequently.
  • China remained the top producer of attack traffic, growing to 43 percent of observed attack traffic.
  • The United States also saw significant growth in observed attack traffic, while Indonesia's contribution continued to decline after spiking earlier in the year.
  • Port 445 remained the most targeted port, growing once again and reaching 30 percent of observed attacks. The volume of attacks targeting Port 80 remained steady at 14 percent.

During the fourth quarter, Akamai customers reported being targeted by 346 DDoS attacks, 23 percent more than in the prior quarter, and nearly 75 percent more than in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Enterprise and commerce customers together accounted for just under 70 percent of the reported attacks during the quarter, while just under half of the total attacks were reported by customers in the Americas.

Meanwhile, the fourth quarter saw the rise of a set of attacks in which the Skipfish and Vega Web application vulnerability scanners were used to target a variety of organizations, looking for Remote File Inclusion (RFI) vulnerabilities.

The latest State of the Internet Report was released on the heels of Prolexic's latest DDoS attack trends report, which noted a 114-percent increase in the average peak bandwidth of attacks and a significant spike in attacks targeting the media and entertainment industries.