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BSides Boston Keynote Profile: Jack Daniel

An old friend will deliver the first keynote of BSides Boston Friday: Jack Daniel, technical product manager at Tenable Network Security. His talk is called "Doomed to Repeat: InfoSec's Failure to Learn from the Past."

Here's the talk description as posted on the BSides Boston 2014 website:

We have seen cycle after cycle of change and disruption in technology and security, and it seems that on each iteration the industry goes through the same series of mistakes, panic, despair, and finally varying levels of resolution. In this presentation I will review disruptions from early computing systems to cloud, to the current "Bring Your Own [whatever]" and "Internet of Things" panics, then focus on the common issues, and common solutions, to these cycles.

I've known Jack for a long time. I first met him a decade ago when I started going to meetings of the New England Information Security Group (NEISG). That group eventually became the National Information Security Group (NAISG), and as fellow board members, we began working on projects together, including the planning and execution of talks at the monthly meetings of the Boston chapter. 

Jack has the look of a rock star, with a beard that's older than most of the people on Twitter today. But he doesn't act like one. He's always been fair, approachable, helpful and has managed to stay above the fray as drama after drama enveloped the community.

During his time with Astaro -- now part of security vendor Sophos -- he organized drives to and from the Shmoocon security conference in Washington DC. My three trips back and forth as a passenger on the "ShmooBus" are among my fondest memories. Jack took care of the RV rentals and did all the driving. I forged several lasting personal and professional relationships on those trips. Thanks for that, Jack.

In more recent years, Jack helped get the Security B-Sides movement off the ground, and can be found walking the halls at the major B-Sides events in his top hat and Hawaiian shirts.

He's become a major player at conferences beyond B-Sides and travels the world to do the grunt work and occasionally speak.

He's one of the people every security practitioner should know. Going to his keynote would be a great introduction.