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The Argyle Executive Forum - Post-show report

Great panel session at the Argyle Executive Forum last week around Next Generation of Customer Care. My peers continue to see technology and the Internet as tools to enable and strengthen the customer experience across all industries, yet they still see relationships at the heart of customer intimacy. Folks came from all disciplines are looking for ways to create the ultimate experience through their Customer Care centers. Web experience continues to be a strong component of the brand and paramount to building customer loyalty.

Some key drivers that are influencing the Customer Care experience are the progression of knowledge management capabilities combined with the mass amount of data (big data), giving us all kinds of new information to manage customers' interactions. In addition, with collaborative modes of communication and global nature of cultural interactions and real time 24/7 demands, these drivers are creating a brand new environment for innovating the customer experience, but never lost is the need to preserve and enhance the relationship through the value prop we are delivering. Driving loyalty and creating measurable success early and often while making sure we never detach the customer interaction from the product deliverable assures a great and winning customer experience. 

 All in all, it was an engaging session to moderate and I appreciate the great feedback from prodigious groups of panelists.